Monday, November 24, 2014

inner monolog

When we meditate, we observe thoughts and label them as just that: thoughts. Nothing more. Nothing to worry about. Consider these thoughts. Turn them over and examine them. Are they worth anything?

The inner monolog can either drive us to distraction, or we can manage the inner monolog, keep it in perspective, and with Awareness, keep it from distracting us from the Present Moment. The illusion of "Self" is created by that inner monolog. The inner monolog is what makes the "Self" seem like a real thing. "Self" is an imaginary construct that has no bearing on reality. There's nobody in there.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Brain and Circumstance

Brain and Circumstance is the same thing. The imagined "you" in there won't go away. Just see it for what it is, Gentle Reader. An illusion. There's no "you" in there separate from brain. Brain has certain parameters. It is just an extremely complicated object. The unique life situation of the brain reading these words is pretty important. It seems important because it is important. Once this particular brain is gone, it's over. How much will this brain see? How much will it observe? Will it realize its connection with the Great Circumstance? Will it stop imagining it is separate from the Present Moment? Practice every day. Practice. Don't ever stop. Meditate every single day.