Thursday, July 31, 2014

That Bus Might go to Crazy Town.

Yammering Mind is like a bus. You can either absently find yourself on the bus, letting it carry you away (to Wherever It Goes) or you can observe it and see where it is going.  Without Awareness, the thoughts carry you away, and they seem real.  With Awareness, you see thoughts as if from the outside, and those thoughts are seen as just more phenomena to be observed.

A Brain Thinks

A brain thinks. It thinks all sorts of nonsense. The brain that thinks it is "me" thinks some incredibly stupid stuff every day. I suspect other brains do the same thing. Take that bullshit seriously, and you get worry, ill will, restlessness and all kinds of other hindrances that keep a brain from chilling out. (See The Five Hindrances)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Inner Monolog: Don't Let it Distract

The inner monolog can either drive us to distraction, or we can manage the inner monolog, keep it in perspective, and with Awareness, keep it from distracting us from the Present Moment. The illusion of "Self" is created by that inner monolog. The inner monolog is what makes the "Self" seem like a real thing. "Self" is an imaginary construct that has no bearing on reality. There's nobody in there.

When we meditate, we observe thoughts and label them as just that: thoughts. Nothing more. Nothing to worry about. Consider these thoughts. Turn them over and examine them. Are they worth anything?