Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You have to see it.

The advice don't worry about it usually doesn't work.

The "trick" is to actually see that the thing you were worrying about is an illusion. When you see the illusory, transient nature of the stuff you were worrying about, you automatically don't worry about them.

Convincing yourself it is an illusion doesn't work. Rationalization doesn't work. You have to see it.

That takes a lot of Zen practice.

There are Eight Worldly Concerns. Start examining them and see if you can see that they are illusions:

Gain / Loss
Pleasure / Pain
Praise / Blame
Fame / Disgrace

See these 8 things for what they are, and you'll have a lot less to fret about. If you can see it.  Meditate every day.